The Phenom Survived,Raising Hell

November 24, 2008


BOSTON Undertaker defeated Big Show in his trademark, a Casket Match, at the event that debuted The Phenom’s career Survivor Series to deny The World’s Largest Athlete the victory he claimed he would earn at the pay-per-view. (PHOTOS)

Using everything in his arsenal, including a leg drop through the announce table, Undertaker sealed the victory by closing the casket. Big Show did seem to have the match won early, but his reluctance to touch the casket to close the lid gave Undertaker the opening he needed to gain momentum. When Big Show tried to escape the arena, a burst of flames prevented him from doing so, and the Druids brought a second casket to the ramp.

After a short battle of the two imposing forces on the ramp, Undertaker was able to throw Big Show into the casket to earn the win.

What does this win mean for Undertaker, who has been embroiled in a heated rivalry with Big Show since The World’s Largest Athlete attacked The Phenom at Unforgiven? Will Big Show’s loss put him at odds with SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero keeping him from achieving his goal of becoming WWE Champion?


2 Responses to “The Phenom Survived,Raising Hell”

  1. Marc Couttie Says:

    Undertaker is a legend, there was only going to be one winner!

    cos he’s the Big Sloooow!

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