WWE:Armageddon 2008,Voting Started.,.,.,.

November 25, 2008


Chris Jericho spent months kicking, clawing and cheating his way toward the World Heavyweight Championship.

Then, at Survivor Series, a booming John Cena FU took it all away.

With such a heartshattering loss, a conniving Jericho will likely stop at nothing to feel the gold once more in his hands. There’s little doubt that the man who first came to “Save Us” and now needs saving himself has already begun plotting his resurgence at Armageddon.

For Cena, a man who feels so passionately about competing, watching from the sidelines must have made three months ooze along like syrup in Siberia. That long, lengthy wait makes it impossible to think that Cena will give up at Armageddon without the fight of his life.

When these two diametrically opposed individuals – a man who feels he owes the WWE Universe everything and a man who feels he owes the WWE Universe nothing – clash in the ring, each is guaranteed to expend 100 percent to prove that he was right all along

Vote For Ur Favourite Star To Win At Armageddon And World Heavyweight Champion


One Response to “WWE:Armageddon 2008,Voting Started.,.,.,.”

  1. iwebie Says:

    I vote for john cena coz he is the best super cool dude.


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