jon-cenaHOUSTON – In front of a packed Reliant Stadium, John Cena regained the World Heavyweight Championship by defeating now former World Heavyweight Champion Edge and Big Show.

More than 72,000 raucous WWE fans erupted to their feet in excitement during Cena’s entrance, which took a new take on his long-standing trademark catchphrase, “You Can’t See Me.” As far as the eye could see, dozens upon dozens of Cena lookalikes – all wearing his “Hustle, Loyalty, Respect” shirt – came out and parted ways as the genuine article came out and saluted Reliant Stadium. Though the odds were stacked against him this Sunday night, Cena’s lookalikes and fans cheered him on as he raced down to the ring, refusing to be daunted by the task at hand.

After waging a brutal war with his opponents, Cena summoned from deep within and hit the Rated-R Superstar with an Attitude Adjustment. Next, he hoisted then 400-pound plus World’s Largest Athlete atop his shoulders and – with the 70,000 in attendance cheering him on – Cena dropped Big Show with a thunderous Attitude Adjustment. After the carnage, Cena pinned Big Show to regain his gold.

The exhibition of brute strength caused the WWE Universe to erupt in raw emotion, putting their stamp of approval on Cena at one of the most historical events in WWE’s history.

The victory was a sweet measure of revenge for the Raw Superstar who saw The Ultimate Opportunist finagle his way into the Elimination Chamber Match at No Way Out and emerge from the evil structure with Cena’s gold.

Ever since that shocking night in February, Cena set his sights on regaining the World Heavyweight Championship. Like a tenacious pit bull, Cena kept himself close to the trio of  Smack Down General Manager Vickie, her husband, Edge, and Big Show. Wherever they went – Raw or SmackDown – he was right there behind them.

Cena’s persistence paid off.

At the World Heavyweight Championship contract signing on Raw, Guerrero shocked her husband and Big Show by revealing that she was going to allow Cena to compete in the Triple Threat Match at the 25th Anniversary of  Wrestle Mania.

And it was Cena who revealed why – he had been holding onto salacious video footage of Edge’s wife and Big Show engaged in extra marital carousing .

Hustle, loyalty and respect. Those attributes certainly worked for Cena over the years in the ring, and now on the big screen as star of the action-packed movie, 12 Rounds.

And, at the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania, it was all of those traits, combined with steadfast determination and raw power that equaled success for The Champ.


BOSTON – After months spent recovering from emergency neck surgery, John Cena’s return to the ring was a triumphant one, as he defeated Chris Jericho at Survivor Series to win his first-ever World Heavyweight Championship.

For months, Chris Jericho reigned over Raw as World Heavyweight Champion, repelling challenges from dominant Superstars such as Shawn Michaels, Batista and CM Punk, walking away victorious from matches as varied as a Championship Scramble, Steel Cage Matches and even a brutal Ladder Match. But at Survivor Series, all of the first-ever Undisputed Champion’s trickery and deviousness came to naught as he was confronted with the sheer power and ferocity of a returning John Cena, who slammed Jericho with a thunderous FU before ultimately pinning his opponent for the win.

The entire WWE Universe sat in suspense the night of Survivor Series, eager for John Cena to return, but concerned for his medical condition so soon after going under the knife. Following a match against Batista at SummerSlam, Cena suffered a herniated disc in his neck, necessitating emergency surgery that kept the intense ring warrior sidelined up until now. But when the three-time WWE Champion stormed into the TD Banknorth Garden in his homeground of Boston, the fears of the WWE Universe were immediately alleviated, with Cena displaying the same passion and intensity that has made him a fan-favorite and household name around the world.

With his win at WWE’s second longest-running pay-per-view, new World Heavyweight Champion John Cena has finally saved us from the arrogant posturing and treachery of Chris Jericho, and in the process proved that he is more powerful and focused on victory than ever.